Food and Nutrition

Feeding your Kitten
In general, kittens are very robust and hardly ever seriously ill but, like us, they can sometimes suffer from vomiting and diarrhoea. One possible cause could be the food they eat so it’s important to make sure you're only feeding your kitten what’s good for her. Be sure to give small meals at regular intervals rather than letting her fill herself to bursting.

What’s on the menu?

As much as you may want to give them to her, keep table scraps away from your kitten, as she's unable to digest everything that we can. Spices, in particular, can easily upset her tummy. It’s much better to feed your kitten food that’s been specially prepared with her requirements in mind, like Whiskas® Kitten Pouches. Not only will your kitten find them delicious, it’s also the best way to make sure she gets all the vitamins, minerals, protein and calories she needs while she's growing.

What’s off the menu?

Uncooked fish or meat is out, because they can contain diseases such as salmonella. Likewise, keep bones (raw or cooked) away from her, as they can get stuck in her throat. Just provide her with a healthy, balanced diet, rich in essential proteins, minerals and vitamins. If she ever vomits more than once, or suffers from diarrhoea, take her to the vet to ensure she gets better as quickly as possible.

Live longer, live healthier with the right food

The best recipe for a happy, long life is simple: look after her. That means giving her loads of love and delicious, well-balanced food. Good nutrition will help your cat to develop natural antibodies for fighting illness every day. To help support and strengthen her immune system further, the WALTHAM® Research Centre has developed Whiskas® Kitten food.

Research shows that a cat's cells, like a human being's, are constantly under attack from free radicals (which weaken the immune system). Fortunately, Whiskas® Kitten food contains a unique blend of vitamins, taurine, lutein and carotinoids, which strengthen your little one's immune system.
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