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Essential checklist before you bring home your puppy
Here is a helpful checklist for all those of you who have finally decided to bring a puppy home. Our list of essentials ensure that you aren’t left high and dry when it comes to making your little new friend feel at home.

1. Dog Food: A great start for you and your puppy would be to feed him great food! Choose from the range of food from PEDIGREE PUPPY as it is specially formulated with concentrated nutrition.

2. ID Tags: An identification tag is a must-have item for your puppy and should be on him at all times. Always try and include your address and phone number along with his name. You may even want to consider micro chipping as an added identification measure.

3. Collar: Choose a comfortable collar for your dog.A nylon or soft leather collar always works well; collars that expand with your dog are also suitable.

4. Leash: Some owners prefer short leashes, some prefer the longer ones.Having both in the house is a good idea. If you're going out for a little walk, take the short one, if it's a long walk or you're heading over to the park, a longer leash gives your puppy more slack to stretch his legs - and he may not pull as much, either.

5. Food & Water Bowls: You'll need a set of bowls to feed your puppy nutritious puppy food. To keep your puppy's feeding area neat and safe: Try the "non-tip" variety of bowl, or put a plastic, non-slip mat underneath his bowls. This will help him eat more easily without getting his ears and nose in his food and will save you on clean-up time. Stainless steel bowls are also recommended as they're easier to clean; if you have kids, stainless steel bowls are more durable and won't break if dropped like ceramic ones.

6. Toys and Chews: Puppies love to chew. This is generally the phase where they are teething and want to expend some energy. Choosing the right toys and chews depends on the size shape and texture. This will help in their overall development of their teeth, mouth and jaws. You can always seek expert advice from your vet.

7. Stain Removers and Deodorizers: Because your puppy can (and will), he will urinate anywhere till he becomes house-trained. Hence it is a good idea to pick up some stain removers and enzymatic deodorizers. The reason for removing accident stains goes beyond making sure your carpet still looks nice; if the area isn't completely cleaned, your dog will continue to smell his personal scent, and keep returning to the area to do it again. Remember, your dog has a superior sense of smell, so even if you can't smell traces of urine, he can.

8. Shampoo, Brush and Comb, and Toothbrush/Paste: Your puppies have sensitive skinsotalk to your vet about a shampoo that's pH balanced suits him. Brushes and combs are custom-made for different breeds and lengths of hair; again, it's important to select the ones that help his coat stay healthy and tangle-free. Brushing your puppy's teeth (using a dog toothbrush and toothpaste) can be a challenge at first, but if you introduce it while he's young, not only will he adjust to the process (and even enjoy the taste of the toothpaste!) brushing regularly can keep his teeth clean and strong for years to come.
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