Food and Nutrition

Food and nutrition for your senior dog
Keeping your senior dog fit is necessary to ensure a happy old age. Feeding him the right proportion is essential to keep him healthy. Senior dogs require 20% lesser energy than young adult dogs. The decrease in energy requirement is linked to declines in activity and changes in body composition.

There is a simple formula to calculate the totally energy requirement for your senior dog: 90 W 0.75 kcal, where W is the body weight in kg. Consequently all specks for nutrients have been increased by at least 22% to ensure that the correct amount of nutrient is available with lower energy intake.

Studies conducted at WALTHAM Centre indicate that muscle mass in dogs declines with age and therefore it is necessary to increase your senior dogs dietary protein by a minimum of 22%. This will help minimize the loss of lean tissue and also provide the dog with more energy. The protein you provide will always be converted into energy and stored in the body till it is utilized.

There are no recommended maximum protein intakes for dogs. Concerns that high protein intakes might be related to the development of renal disease have proved unfounded and there is no justification for restricting protein levels in senior dogs. The Pedigree senior pet food is formulated considering the above and with object of helping senior dogs to enhance their life expectancy, improving quality of life and help their body to prevent age associated health problems. Antioxidants, Green lipped mussel for joint health, Prebiotics (MOS) and omega fatty acids are supplemented for functional benefits in the senior dogs.
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