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Make Your Puppy Feel Welcome
A new addition to the family in the form of a puppy can bring a lot of joy and responsibility all bundled together. Here are a few tips to help you make that little addition to your home feel welcome.

Feeding Facts
It is best advised that you not feed puppies with human baby foods, diets like milk and cereals may not deliver the required nutrients for optimum growth in puppies. Puppies gain weight of 2-4 grams or 5-10% of their birth weight each day during infancy.

A puppy should be fed the right amount of food based on its breed and age. Overfeeding is a common mistake made by relatively new pet owners, overfeeding leads to bone and joint problems in puppies, more so in large breed puppies like German shepherds, Great Danes, Labradors, etc.

Excessive calcium is harmful to bone development in growing puppies, anything more than 1 cup of cow’s milk for 7 kilograms of body weight may cause loose faeces in puppies. Chocolates, Garlic and onions are considered toxic to dogs and cats.

Training & Interactions
Puppies are not fully vaccinated until 12 weeks, and therefore should not interact with unknown surroundings and their habitants. It is however important for puppies to interact with other dogs, humans and their environment after their vaccination period so that they can be confident in future. The window of learning for a puppy lasts only for around 12 weeks. Typically, a puppy leaves its mother at around 6-8 weeks and goes independent. This allows only 4 weeks to ensure the puppy interacts sufficiently with his environment to develop its confidence, awareness and social skills. House-training a new puppy usually takes 2 to 4 weeks.

Daily Chores
Puppies need not be bathed on a frequent basis; they should be bathed only when they are dirty, excess bathing may lead to illness and skin irritations.
The digestive and immune systems of puppies are not as well developed as compared to adults. Puppies are not capable of controlling urination or defecation until 8 weeks of age, hence dog owners are advised to massage the puppy’s tummy gently after feeding it to help it burp and encourage digestion and excretion.
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