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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass
Many a times when you take your dog for a walk to the garden or park, you notice him eating grass as though it was a delicacy or a treat. Sometimes however he doesn’t seem very interested and may only take an occasional little munch every now and then. If you’ve noticed this, you as a pet owner must be wondering why this happens or what is the cause for this behaviour. Sometimes you wish you could target these questions to your dog and understand why he does it. There is no definite answer as to why they chew on the grass, but our experts have some interesting theories.

Natural-born scavengers. According to this theory, modern-day domesticated dogs eat grass because, in their evolutionary past, they were scavengers—wild animals that ate whatever they could find when they needed nutrition. Sometimes that included grass.

Dogs are omnivores. As omnivores—animals that eat both meat and vegetation—dogs may simply have a natural craving for grass. Some dogs may eat more grass than others because the taste appeals to them more.

Stomach cleansing. If your dog is fond of grass, you may have noticed that eating grass makes him vomit. The correlation between eating grass and vomiting is well documented, but experts still aren't entirely clear if dogs eat grass because they feel a need to cleanse their stomachs, or if they vomit because the grass has given them an upset stomach. If it's the former, then eating grass may be a natural and instinctive way for dogs to purge the contents of their digestive tract. The mystery, however, gets deeper when you consider that some dogs eat grass without any consequences.

A cause for concern?
If your dog has an appetite for an occasional grass snack, this may be perfectly normal behaviour. And if it makes him vomit now and then, there may still be no need for alarm. However, if he vomits more than once or twice, or if your non-grass-eating dog suddenly starts eating great quantities of grass, you should have him checked by your vet. This may be an indication that something is wrong with his digestive system.

Sometimes you must prevent him from eating grass. The use of pesticides and fertilizers and other lawn treatments can affect his digestive system. If your dog is a grass eater by nature, make sure he isn't able to snack on any lawn that's been treated. When in doubt, play it safe and keep him away from questionable patches of grass in the neighbourhood or the park.
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